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Some of our recent unique projects

Factory Acceptance Test

In this project we were tasked with designing and imitating a wastewater treatment facility. The purpose of the project was to test the combined efficiency of grit separating cyclones and the grit washing unit. With the help of one of our business partners specializing in concentration analysis, we successfully confirmed the manufacturers performance requirements.

Morganton WWTP

Turn key solutions.

Demo of existing bar screen conveyor and pavement.

Install new conveyor and control panel

New roof covering for the dumpster area

Freshly poured pad for the covered area



Asheboro WTP

New clarifier drive

New cypress baffle wall with aluminum support beams

Remove and replace 50+ corroded steel sections

Sand blasted and coated clarifier arms, column, bridge and fence galvanizing

Clarifier arm alignment

New rubber plows



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